Sea Screw Ltd
Marine Hardware and Fixings

Online Marine Hardware & Stainless Fastening & Fixings 

Stainless Steel Fastenings & Fixings (Nuts and Bolts)
Stainless Fastings Fixings

Online Stainless Steel A2 304 A4 316
Self Tapping Screws Wood-Screws Setscrew Grub Screws Bolts Carriage Socket Nuts Dome Locking Wing Flange Full Washers Form A B C Penney Spring Rivets Pin Clevis Drop Nose.

316 Stainless Steel Tube & Tube Fittings. Boat Handrails
Boat Stainless Handrail Parts

Online Stainless AISI 316 Tube Fittings & Tubing for Boat Handrail
Tubing in 7/8'' 22mm, 25mm & 30mm, Stanchions Gates, Sockets, PVC Covered Guardrail Wire, Toe rail, Bimini Fittings

Yachts Stanchions, Gates, Bases & Guardrail Wire 316 Stainless.

Boat's Deck and Through Hull Marine Fittings

Boats Through Hull Skin & Bulkhead Fittings, Stainless Pad Eyes Plate & Strip Eye, Stainless Long Eye Bolt & Lifting Eye Nuts, Yacht Bow Roller in Aulminium & 316, Replacement Rollers, Fishing Rod Holders, U Bolts, Bait Preparing Tray, Handrails & Grab Handles, Wooden Teak Plugs, Flags & Staffs, Rubbing Fender Profile Edging

Marine Boating Hardware & General Equipment
Stainless Hinges Knobs & Brackets

Online Boats Chandlers for Marine Grade Hinges Knob Catches as well as Fold Down Brackets, Shackles and Rigging for Boats and Yachts, Canvas Canopy Covers Fittings, Webbing Straps, Sailor Knives & Cork Key Rings, Anodes & Bellows, Pumps, Tanks Valves, Stainless Vents & Louvre, Binoculars, Toilet Service Kits, Basins & Bowls

Mooring Dock Line, Fenders & Anchors, Anchor Chain Markers
Mooring Rope Line Fenders & Anchor & Markers

Online Marine Hardware For Boats Mooring & Anchoring Needs. Fenders & Lines, Anchors & Chain, Docking Line & Ropes, Clamcleat Rope Jamming Fender Cleats, Fender Holder basket / Rack Stainless Loop

Boat Engine Impellers Jabsco Johnson Mercruiser Perkins & more. 
Impeller Jabsco Johnson Volvo Perkins Vetus & More

Impeller replacement for: Jabsco, Sherwood, Perkins, Volvo, Yanmar, Ancor, Vetus, Johnson, Mercruiser, Yamaha, Sole


Marine Safety, Security & Preventive Equipment
Marine Safety Devices

Online Maritime Safety, For equipping your boat with Lifebuoys, Fire Extinguishers, Alarms Smoke & Carbon Monoxide, MOB Throw Lines, Engine Kill Switches.

Boat Shackles, Carabiner & Swivels in Stainless 316
All Types Rigging Shackles

Online Stockist of Stainless AISI 316 Boat Shackle's.

D Shackle, Long D Shackle, Wide D Shackle, Anchor D Shackle

High Load D Shackle, Rigging Shackle, Bow Shackle, Swivel Shackle 

Quick Link Shackles, Carabiner / Karabiner Shackles, Twisted Shackles, Halyard Shackles, Snap Shackles, Strip Shackles

Accessories for Inflatable Tenders & Dinghies
Dinghies Pumps, Tanks, Oars, Fuel Lines & More

Online Marine Hardware For Dinghy Tenders Inflatables
Petrol / Diesel Tank, Fuel Line, Fuel Line Connectors, Fuel Cans, Row-locks, Pumps, inflating or deflating and more

Boat Fuel Tanks Petrol / Diesel Small to Large
Boat Large Fuel Tanks

Online Marine Fuel Tanks for most size boats  

Fuel Tanks Carry Type for Small Boats & Inflatable Dinghies 

Boat Marine Fuel Tanks Diesel (Derv) Medium Size 

Boat Marine Built In Petrol Fuel Tanks in Polyethylene 

Fuel Tank Breathers Port & Breather Covers 

Boats Marine Fuel Tank Filler Caps & Inlets  

Fuel Hose for Supply, Filling & Breathers 

Boat or Caravan Deck / Floor Hatches & Access Covers
Boat hatches & Inspection cover

Boat Deck Access Hatches, for Storage or to get to inner workings. 

Boat Access Hatches Very Sturdy Deck or Bulkhead. 

Canoe and Kayak  Access Covers to Storage (Seaworld). 

Stainless Inspection Access Covers with Winch Handle Socket


Boat and Caravan Door Handles, Locks, & Furniture
Marine Door Locks

Online Marine Hardware, Locks Handles Sliding Mortice & Rim Lock for Boats, Caravans, Campers Vans 

Marine Sliding Door Locks / Handles ( Slim Fit )

Marine Mortice Door Locks & Latches 

Small Marine Surface Mounted / Rim Door Locks

Chrome on Brass Surface Mounted / Rim Door Lock 

Boat Deck & Shroud Cleats & Mooring / Docking Cleat
Boat & Yachts Mooring Cleats

Sampson Post Bollard Cleat
Mast Cleat Stainless & Aluminium
Collapsible & Offset
Bollard NORDIK Deck Cleat
Twin Horn Mushroom Bollard Cleat
Flag & Shroud Small Cleats

Stainless AISI 316 / Aluminium Boat Fairleads
Boat & Yachts Mooring Fairleads

Roller Fairleads
Paired Fairleads
Straight Fairleads
Combination Fairleads Cleat

Stainless 316 Boats Rubbing Strake and Keel Band / Strip.

Online Supplier of Stainless Keel Band, Rubbing Strake
Keel Band 3 Metre used to protect the keel when beaching boats.
The shorter lengths with tapered end are to protect mooring rope/line from chafing against edge of deck.

Sail Boats and Dinghy, Sailing Hardware & Accessories.

Chain Plate / Chainplate, Pre-Drilled Strips 316 Stainless
Stainless Mounts, Chain-Plate Stay Adjusters (Allen Type)
Yacht & Sailing Dinghy Sail Slides, Shackle & Jib Hanks
Stainless Sailboat Boom Bail U Plates & Fittings
Yacht Stainless Mast Steps & Bosun's Chairs
Yachts Sail Guards Precaution, Wheels, Spreader Boots
Yacht & Sailing Dinghy Sail Batten Ends

One Part Polyurethane Marine Sealant. Sikaflex, Korapur
Marine Glue & Sealers

Online Marine Sealants, Box Quantity Discount for Sikaflex 291i, Sikaflex 515, Sikaflex 292, Sikaflex 290 DC, Sikaflex 295, Korapur 925

Marine Navigation Lighting, Flood, Spots & Bulbs
Boats Lighting, Spot, Navigation, Cabin

Online Marine Lights for Cabin and Navigation also Replacement Bulbs Halogen & LED. As well as High Power Search Lights 12 / 24 Volts

Electrical Marine Items for Yacht & Motor Boats
Boats Switches, MarineTinned Wire, Battery Isolators

Online Boats Electrical Supplies for Stereo Speakers, Loud-hailer, VHF Antennae, Marine Tinned Wire, Switches, Water Heaters, Fuses, Gauges and More

Marine Pumps Hand & Electric Water Pumps
Bilge Pumps & Float Switches

Online Supplier of Bilge & Water Pumps
Manual Hand Bilge Pump & Bailer Pump
Bilge & Fresh Water Pump with Inlets & Outlet
Attwood Bilge Pumps, Tsunami & Sahara Range
Rule Bilge Pump & Float Switches
Bilge Control Switches & Acoustic Alarm

Ship's Bells, Horns, Whistle & Pub Bells
Big Bells & Horns

Ships Bell in Brass or Bronze RINA Approved 
Marine Non Electrical Audible Warning Devises 
Boats Horns Twin or Single 
Electric Air Pump Trumpet Horns 
Plastic Fog Horn. Requested by the French Regulations 
Brass & Copper Boatswain's Whistle

Boat / Yachts Cleaning and Care Restoring Products
Boats Care & Restoring Products

Maintenance Products from 

Osculati. International. Star Brite.
Yacht Sail Repair Tape & Mastboot Tape
Marine Grade Oils & Grease
Treatment for Boats Drinking Water Tanks & Fuel Tanks.
Marine Fibre Glass Matting, 

Waterproof Filler and Gel Coat Fillers.

Marine Tables & Tables Pedestals for Boat / Yacht
Boat Table Tops

Online Supplier of Boats Table Tops & Pedestals Legs 
Table pedestal Gas Assisted Adjustable Height 
Pedestal 500 to 700mm Adjustable Tables Pedestals.
Tables Base Hole, Cap / Bung / Plug 
Under Table Base & Deck Base 

Boat Helm or Navigators Single & Double Bench Seats
Boat Seats

Online Marine Hardware. Boat Deck Seating with Reversible Direction
Not always in stock dew to the size Deliver 12-15 Days